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Historical sources

My family

The earliest date, which appears in connection with an Olawsky in my family, is 12 Sep 1802. On that day my ggg-grandparents Andreas Olawsky and Juliana nee Bohm married in Guttentag. Nearly ten years later their son Johann Anton Olawsky was born at this place. Juliana Bohm originated from Guttentag; whether Andreas, too, came from there, is unknown.

Later (probably around 1840) Johann Anton Olawsky went to Königshütte, where his sons Johann Franz (*1847) and Eduard Mathias (*1856) were born. These went to Konstadt and Peiskretscham respectively. (More details about this can be found in "short family history" (only in German)). Eduard Mathias Olawsky was my great-grandfather, Johann Franz Olawsky was the gg-grandfather of Knut Olawsky, whom I had written an email a few months ago. After comparison of our "Stammbücher" we found out that we are distant cousins.

Further Olawskys

There are further Olawskys in Germany and the United States, whose family trees do not go back as far as mine:
Further Olawskis

There are also different Olawskis in Poland and the United States (there particularly in New Jersey):

Other spellings?

Apart from the two spellings (Olawsky and Olawski) which alternated also within my family, there are also three entries under "Olawske" and five under "Ohlawske" in the German telephone book. I was told that the name was originally written "Ohlawsky" [oldest known carrier of the name was Gottfried Johann Ohlawsky (*24 Aug 1810 in Jaetzdorf, only 3 km away from Ohlau (!))]; in 1878 the name appeared as "Ohlawske" and finally in 1884 as "Olawske" ("Ohlawsky" does not appear in the telephone book).

The question arising here is whether "Ohlawsky"originally comes from"Olawsky".

There is still much that is unknown. Some assumptions must be proved by documents (or also disproved).

Map of Silesia

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